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18                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

monstrance and delivered it to the bureau for the
King, setting forth the alarms of the public at His
Majesty's supplying the stockjobbers with money
to support their gambling; also at the extravagant
prices paid for V Orient and Sangerres and the
absurdity of the King's buying estates at a time
when he proposed to sell the domain. It is a bold
letter and forcible, but not well written.

There have been strange doings in the
Sangerres business, a job by which the Baron
d'Espagnac, the proprietor, gained prodigiously.
The Contr61eur-G6n6ral had five hundred thousand
francs, Madame de Polignac three hundred thou-
sand, and so forth.

May 3rd. Rode to Madame de Laborde's at
Orrnesson. In an acre or two they have crowded
several pretty things, en jardin anglais.

To Bellevue with Mrs. S., where Madame
Adelaide received us, and was extremely civil.
We dined there. The Princess is thin and
wizened; she walks about the gardens in a dress
made like a riding-habit, and a man's round hat.

$k. The Archbishop of Toulouse (Brienne)
is taken into the ministry.

6th. Rode to Bellevue and took a view from
one of the cabinets for Madame Adelaide, accord-
ing to my promise.